China best High Speed CNC H Beam Drilling Machine near me manufacturer

Product Description

TBHD1250 CNC High Speed Beam Drilling Line(Siemens PLC) 
(With Auto Line Scribing Function)
This machine is mainly used for processing holes on H-beam, channel beam with high speed, the positioning, feeding of 3 spindles are all driven by servo motor. It adopts spindle servo motor, controls by CNC system, and in-feeding by CNC carriage, high efficiency, and high precision; and it is wildly used in construction, bridge and other industries.

Product Feature:

  1. The whole machine is optimized integrated design, with high quality machine body and drilling units, which ensure high stability and high rigidity when high speed drilling. This machine is mainly composed of main machine, CNC sliding table (3), drilling spindle box (3), clamping device, detection device, cooling system, scrap box, hydraulic station, lubrication system, Tool Magazine(optional), marking unit (optional).
  2. The main machine is welded by square pipe. The structure of main machine is strengthened where the stress is greater. After welding, artificial aging treatment was carried out. All these ensure the stability of the main machine and then ensure accuracy of the whole machine.
  3. There are 3 CNC sliding tables: fixed side CNC sliding table, movable side CNC sliding table and intermediate CNC sliding table. The 3 sliding tables are similar in structure and are composed of sliding plate, sliding table and servo drive system.
  4. There are 6 CNC axes on the 3 sliding tables, including 3 feeding CNC axes and 3 positioning CNC axes. Each CNC axle is guided by precise linear rolling guide, driven by AC servo motor and ball screw, which ensures positioning accuracy.
  5. There are 3 spindle boxes, which are mounted on 3 NC sliding tables for horizontal and vertical drilling. Each drilling spindle box can drill both separately and simultaneously.
  6. Used high-speed precision spindle from ZheJiang ‘s well-known brand, model BT, which can meet the using demand of both hard alloy and high-speed steel drill. Every CNC axes are guided by the heavy loading roller linear guide, driven by the servo motor and roller screw which ensure the rigidity and positional accuracy.
  7. Also equips with hydraulic tool cylinder, using hydraulic -disc spring to do automatic tool de-clamping, tool pulling, with tool status monitoring device to check the tool clamping and effective safety co-locking protection device. Easy to change tools. The spindle is driven by spindle servo and timing belt, reducing ratio i=2 , spindle speed is 0~3000r/min, large rotation speed range.
  8. The workpiece is fixed by hydraulic clamping method. There are 5 hydraulic cylinders, which are clamped horizontally and vertically. Horizontal clamping consists of fixed side datum and moving side
  9. clamping, fixed side datum is fixed, moving side clamping is driven by large cylinder sliding table, guided by linear CZPT rail, moving towards the fixed side to clamp the workpiece horizontally; vertical clamping is on both fixed side and moving side, and each cylinder drives the pressure bar to move up and down in 4 positions. The workpiece is clamped vertically.
  10. The machine is fed by a NC carriage. The NC carriage is decelerated by the servo motor through the reducer and then passes through the gear rack to driven a laser alignment device. When the workpiece is fed in, the workpiece can be detected and then fed back to realize the precise positioning of the workpiece.
  11. Cooling system: using air-fog cooling, with the internal and external cooling. Each drilling spindle box is equipped with its own external cooling nozzle and internal cooling joint, which can be selected according to the needs of drilling holes. Internal and external cooling can be used independently or simultaneously.
  12. Chip collecting box: Universal caster guide, easy to carry.
  13. 13. Machine equips with auto lubrication system, automatic pump the lubrication oil into and do fully lubrication for each and every part of linear guide, ball screw nuts and every rolling bearings etc at regular time, no need manual lubrication, increase the parts life and save time. All the lubrication pump and units are using famous brands.
    14. Tool Magazine(optional): Installed 3 inline type tool magazine, which realize the automatic tool change, also meet the demand of drilling multiple diameter’s hole. Oil spray and air spray cooling, has inner cooling and outer cooling efficacy.
    15. Marking unit (optional): The marking unit adopts the disc typing structure, 0-9, A-Z, 36 characters are distributed on the disc, and the position is selected by the servo motor.
    16. The CNC control system is the Siemens PLC. Strong anti-interference, high precision, because of the digital communication, thus overcome the defect of easy be interference in traditional pulse analog transmission.
    17. In order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of transmission system, electrical system, hydraulic system, all the key components are from international famous brand.
    18. This machine has the function of scribing, which can replace the manual work. At the same time of drilling, the position of the plate to be welded in the next process can be marked with the scribing tool, which saves time and effort, and has better precision. The scribing tool is made of Korean cutter, which can be installed on the side fixed handle. The whole set of scribing tool is made of replaceable carbide scribing drill in the center, which is durable. In addition, a set of spring system is specially designed, which can recover the resistance of drill bit when machining uneven surface. hydraulic system is for auto tool device of ram type drilling box,Horizontal clamping, vertical clamping, side pushing and power raceway, unified oil supply; all the hydraulic units are from imported brands or joint venture companies, for easy maintenance and solving oil leaking, all the design adopts accumulative valves.If marking unit is equipped, there is also an independent hydraulic station for marking unit action.
  14. Specifications:
    Model TBHD1250
    Work piece size H beam Web (mm) 150~1250
    Flange (mm) 75~600
    Max. material length(mm) 12000/15000(optional)
    Spindle Quantity 3
    Spindle taper BT40
    Spindle rotation speed(r/min) 0~3000
    Feeding speed(mm/min) 0~5000
    Max. hole diameter(mm) φ40
    Center line movement scope(mm) Center slide table/
    Horizontal direction
    Fixed side/movement side
    Vertical direction
    Motor power Spindle motor power (kW) 15
    Feeding servo motor(kW) 2
    Position servo motor(kW) 2
    Feeding carriage servo motor(kW) 5
    Control system CNC system Siemens PLC
    CNC axes quantity 7+3
    Hydraulic system Max. Hydraulic Pressure (MPa) 8
    Motor power(kW) 5.5
    Cooling system No. of nozzle 3
    Pressure of compressed air (Mpa) 0.6
    Cooling way Internal cooling & external cooling
    Tool Magazine(optional) Tool Magazine Quantity 3
    Tools quantity for each Magazine 4 pieces
    Marking unit(optional) No. of Characters 36 characters
    Characters Size Φ10 mm
    Imprinting Depth 0.8mm~ 1.5mm
    Position servo motor(kW) 0.75
    Max. Hydraulic Pressure (MPa) 10
    Motor power(kW) 4
    Working environment Working power Three phase 4 wire system 380±10%V, 50HZ
    Control power 220±10%V    50HZ
    Operate power 24V DC
    Working temperature 0ºC ~ 40ºC
    Humidity of environment ≤75%
    Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) About 6000×2100×3500
    Main Machine weight (Kg) About 8500

    Main Components List :

    No. Name Manufacturer
    Main Electric Components:
    1 Control system Germany SIEMENS PLC
    2 Servo Motor Germany SIEMENS
    3 Servo Driver Germany SIEMENS
    4 Spindle motor SFC/CTB
    5 Computer Lenovo China
    6 Rotary encoder Japan OMRON
    7 Proximity Switch Normal Open AUTONICS
    Normal Close
    8 Proximity switch Korea AUTONICS
    9 Photoelectric Switch Korea AUTONICS
    10 Low-voltage electrical parts(Switches,Push button,
    Breaker,Indicator light, Contactor switch and so on)
    Germany SIEMENS
    Main Hydraulic Pressure Components:
    1 Hydraulic valves(Main) Italy ATOS
    Main Mechanical Components:
    1 Ball screw ZheJiang HIWIN /PMI
    2 Linear guide ZheJiang HIWIN/PMI
    3 Precision spindle ZheJiang
    Other components:
    1 Spraying cooling pump ARXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NE
    2 Pneumatic 2 couplet AirTac
    3 Cylinder AirTac

    If any part model is upgraded or changed, we promise to use same quality level part to replace it. Every change will be based on written form, which is agreed by each party.
    Spare Parts List:

    No. Name Model Qty. Remark
    1 Proximity switch Normal open 1 AUTONICS
    2 Proximity switch Normal close 1 AUTONICS
    3 Drill bit (including blade) Φ18, 22, 30 1 for each YESTOOL 
    4 Tools holder BT40-32,300mm 3 MADE IN CHINA
    5 Tools holder BT40xMT4 3 MADE IN CHINA
    6 HSS twist drill ¢18, 22, 40 3 MADE IN CHINA
    7 Pop-rivet BT40, 45°center cooling 3 MADE IN CHINA
    8 Pop-rivet BT40, 45° 3 MADE IN CHINA
    9 Scribing tool (including drill holder)   1 set YESTOOL 
    10 Clam of Tool Magazine   3  
    11 Socket head wrench   1 set  
    12 Adjustable spanner 300mm 1  
    13 Spanner 17-19 1  
    14 Screwdriver 1  
    15 Screwdriver + 1  
    16 Standby paint Main color, warning color 2  
    17 Air gun   1  
    18 Operation manual   1  

    Model TSWZ TBHD
    Drill bits type Twist drill bits Carbide drill bits
    (Korea YESTOOL tools)
    Carbide drill bits
    Line speed (m/min) 25 80 100
    Feed rate (mm/r) 0.22 0.25 0.25
    Rotation speed (r/min) 361 1157 1447
    Feeding speed (mm/min) 80 289 361.75
    Thickness (mm) 20 20 20
    Chip breaking time The chip breaking time accounts for about 20% of the total time Automatic chip breaking, without pause Automatic chip breaking, without pause
    Processing time of 1 hole (s) 30 5.3 4.3
  15. The main advantage of high speed CNC drilling TBHD1250, it’s high speed drilling, rotation speed can reach 3000rpm.
    Due to TBHD1250 using the carbide drill bits, single hole processing efficiency increased to more than 5 times than the normal speed machine, the overall production efficiency more than 2 times than the normal machine. For example: 22 mm diameter, thickness 20 mm workpiece, TSWZ series drilling 1 hole need about 30 seconds, TBHD1250 series can be controlled within 5 seconds.

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    China best High Speed CNC H Beam Drilling Machine     near me manufacturer China best High Speed CNC H Beam Drilling Machine     near me manufacturer