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Product Description

Low/Cheap/Good Price Angular Contact Ball Bearings B7009C 7571C 7571CTA 7571CETA 7571ACM B7571C/YA 7011C 7011CTA 7011CETA 7011AC 7012C 7012CTA 7012CETA 7013C

Bearing Description

Introduction to angular contact ball bearing

1) Angular contact ball bearing is especially suitable to be subjected to the combination of radial and axial load compared with other types of ball bearings. The bigger the contact angle is, the higher axial load withstanding ability it has.

2) The high precision and high speed angular contact ball bearings usually adopts 15°angle.

3)The angular contact ball bearing could be divided into 2 types according to the quantity of roller rows, that are single row and double rows angular contact ball bearings.

4) Conventionally, there are 3 assembly ways for the angular contact bearings, back to back type(i.e 7000/DB) ,face to face type(i.e 70000DF) and series assembly type(i.e 70000/DT).

5) Applications such as lathe main axle, high frequency motor, food machinery,oil pump, fan and blower, and others are recommended to use the angular contact ball bearings, either single row or double rows type.

Bearing Specification

Specification for 7200/7300 series Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing


Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing(Sealed)
Boundary Dimension(mm) Bearing No. Basic load rating Speed rating Weight
d D B B1 r(min) dynamic(Cr) static(Cor) (grease) (oil) kg
10 30 9 0.6 0.3 7200B 4900 2480 15000 22000 0.03
10 30 9 0.6 0.3 7200B 2RS 4900 2480 15000   0.03
12 32 10 0.6 0.3 7201B 6200 2900 14500 20000 0.035
12 32 10 0.6 0.3 7201B 2RS 6200 2900 14500   0.035
12 37 12 0.6 0.3 7301B 8400 3500 13500 18700 0.06
15 35 11 0.6 0.3 7202B 7300 3700 13500 17800 0.043
15 35 11 0.6 0.3 7202B 2RS 7300 3700 13500   0.043
15 42 13 1 0.6 7302B 10500 5200 11900 16000 0.08
17 40 12 0.6 0.3 7203B 8700 4800 11900 16000 0.062
17 40 12 0.6 0.3 7203B 2RS 8700 4800 11900   0.062
17 47 14 1 0.6 7303B 12400 7040 11000 15000 0.11
17 47 14 1 0.6 7303B 2RS 12400 7040 11000   0.11
20 47 14 1 0.6 7204B 12000 6900 11000 15000 0.11
20 47 14 1 0.6 7204B 2RS 12000 6900 11000   0.11
20 52 15 1 0.6 7304B 15200 8400 9300 12700 0.14
20 52 15 1 0.6 7304B 2RS 15200 8400 9300   0.14
25 52 15 1 0.6 7205B 13900 8300 8000 11900 0.13
25 52 15 1 0.6 7205B 2RS 13900 8300 8000   0.13
25 62 17 1.1 0.6 7305B 23000 13300 7200 15710 0.3
25 62 17 1.1 0.6 7305B 2RS 23000 13300 7200   0.3
30 62 16 1 0.6 7206B 18000 12000 7200 15710 0.21
30 62 16 1 0.6 7206B 2RS 18000 12000 7200   0.21
30 72 19 1.1 0.6 7306B 27200 16800 6300 8500 0.37
35 72 17 1.1 0.6 7207B 23700 16500 6300 8500 0.3
35 80 21 1.5 0.6 7307B 33600 21500 5900 8000 0.51
40 80 18 1.1 0.6 7208B 30900 20600 5600 7600 0.39
40 90 23 1.5 0.6 7308B 40600 26800 5300 7200 0.67
45 85 19 1.1 0.6 7209B 31600 23000 5300 8100 0.44
45 100 25 1.5 0.6 7309B 52300 35000 5100 7200 0.9
50 90 20 1.1 0.6 7210B 33000 25500 4700 6300 0.49
50 110 27 2 0.6 7310B 60000 42200 4200 5600 1.15
55 100 21 1.5 0.6 7211B 40600 31600 4500 5900 0.65
55 120 29 2 1 7311B 69300 49700 3800 5100 1.45
60 110 22 1.5 0.6 7212B 49200 39100 4000 5300 0.84
65 120 23 1.5 0.6 7213B 55000 46800 3600 4700 1.05


Bearing Detailed Pictures

Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7016AC Manufactured by CZPT Bearing

About ZheJiang CZPT Bearing

Guomai Bearing Factory Introduction

ZheJiang CZPT Bearing Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Guomai) was established in 1999, with more than 20 years of bearing research and manufacturing experience. The factory covers an area of 16000 m2,7000 mof which is manufacturing area and the other is office and warehouse. CZPT has large stock for normally used bearing models and this enables us to deliver the bearing to customers within the shortest time.

There are total 160 staffs, 6 automatic bearing assembly lines,116 CNC machines and 22 sets of precise inspection instruments. We not only have our own R&D team but also cooperate with ZheJiang University of Science and Technology, HangZhou Bearing Research Institute to develop new bearing designing and manufacturing technology.
In addition to conventional bearings, CZPT also provides OEM and OM service to our respectable customers to meet their individual requirements.We introduced advanced milling, turning machines, heat treatment equipment and bearing testing machines to guarantee the quality of the bearings because we know “Quality is the life of Guomai” .Now our top products include taper roller bearing, angular contact ball bearing, deep groove bearing ,spherical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing with P5, P4 accuracy grade.

After so many years of developing, CZPT has built up an excellent sales network within China. Our 2 bearing brands “CVZ” and “Bentu” are well known and have high reputation within the industrial equipment and components field. Moreover, with confidence of our bearing quality, we started to export our bearings 4 years ago. Customers from Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa have enjoyed the happiness our bearings brought to them.

Guomai Bearing always upholds “WIN-WIN” spirit and believes in “Details determine success” philosophy, and keep improving bearing quality in the past 20 years.  Some series of our bearings have similar quality with SK F, NSK, Timken, NACHI, KOYO, CZPT and other world famous brands but with lower price.
Looking to the future, CZPT will insist on the technology innovation and processing levels to provide the most appropriate bearing products and service to our customers.

Bearing web page description and models may be limited, please contact us for more information.

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Reasons to Choose Us ?

Reasons to choose CZPT Bearings as your Chinese Good Performance Angular Contact Ball Bearing partner

1. Bearing designing: Guomai has our own bearing R&D team and adopts Germany technology. This enables us to provide OEM and ODM service to you.
2. Production process: We strictly follow the 5S production process and acquired ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate. Besides, we introduced from abroad world famous brands lathes and heat treatment equipment, this enables us to provide high precision bearings with similar quality to world famous brands such as SK F,TIMKEN,NSK,NTN,KOYO,NACHI and so on.
3. Materials: To ensure the high quality of bearings, we use high carbon chrome bearing steel which provides high rigidity, and high resistance to CZPT wear to produce the bearings. Low carbon cold rolled steel and low carbon stainless steel is also used according to customers’ requirements.
4. Quality inspection: All bearings will be strictly tested before packing. We have CZPT talysurf, hardness meter,clearance detector,vibration(speed) measuring instrument,roundness instrument to guarantee all bearings are qualified with the standards.
5. Lubricants: Suitable lubricants are used to protect the bearings from oxidation or corrosion of parts thus enable our bearings with longer lifetime, low noise and better high temperature performance. Selection of lubricants is generally governed by the bearing application. Right choice of high quality lubricants could prevent metal to metal contact and conduct heat away from the bearings.
6. Packing: Guomai bearings pay attention to every detail in the bearing production process. We adopt plastic bag, Kraft paper, thick paper box and cartons to protect the bearings from unexpectable damage during the transportation and warehouse stock.
7. Factory direct marketing: We are the factory and not the distributor or trading agent, so we could provide the same quality with competitive price.

Packaging & Shipping

Guomai Bearings, roll together with the world and you!!!

Standard Length Splined Shafts

Standard Length Splined Shafts are made from Mild Steel and are perfect for most repair jobs, custom machinery building, and many other applications. All stock splined shafts are 2-3/4 inches in length, and full splines are available in any length, with additional materials and working lengths available upon request and quotation. CZPT Manufacturing Company is proud to offer these standard length shafts.

Disc brake mounting interfaces that are splined

There are 2 common disc brake mounting interfaces, splined and center lock. Disc brakes with splined interfaces are more common. They are usually easier to install. The center lock system requires a tool to remove the locking ring on the disc hub. Six-bolt rotors are easier to install and require only 6 bolts. The center lock system is commonly used with performance road bikes.
Post mount disc brakes require a post mount adapter, while flat mount disc brakes do not. Post mount adapters are more common and are used for carbon mountain bikes, while flat mount interfaces are becoming the norm on road and gravel bikes. All disc brake adapters are adjustable for rotor size, though. Road bikes usually use 160mm rotors while mountain bikes use rotors that are 180mm or 200mm.

Disc brake mounting interfaces that are helical splined

A helical splined disc brake mounting interface is designed with a splined connection between the hub and brake disc. This splined connection allows for a relatively large amount of radial and rotational displacement between the disc and hub. A loosely splined interface can cause a rattling noise due to the movement of the disc in relation to the hub.
The splines on the brake disc and hub are connected via an air gap. The air gap helps reduce heat conduction from the brake disc to the hub. The present invention addresses problems of noise, heat, and retraction of brake discs at the release of the brake. It also addresses issues with skewing and dragging. If you’re unsure whether this type of mounting interface is right for you, consult your mechanic.
Disc brake mounting interfaces that are helix-splined may be used in conjunction with other components of a wheel. They are particularly useful in disc brake mounting interfaces for hub-to-hub assemblies. The spacer elements, which are preferably located circumferentially, provide substantially the same function no matter how the brake disc rotates. Preferably, 3 spacer elements are located around the brake disc. Each of these spacer elements has equal clearance between the splines of the brake disc and the hub.
Spacer elements 6 include a helical spring portion 6.1 and extensions in tangential directions that terminate in hooks 6.4. These hooks abut against the brake disc 1 in both directions. The helical spring portion 5.1 and 6.1 have stiffness enough to absorb radial impacts. The spacer elements are arranged around the circumference of the intermeshing zone.
A helical splined disc mount includes a stabilizing element formed as a helical spring. The helical spring extends to the disc’s splines and teeth. The ends of the extension extend in opposite directions, while brackets at each end engage with the disc’s splines and teeth. This stabilizing element is positioned axially over the disc’s width.
Helical splined disc brake mounting interfaces are popular in bicycles and road bicycles. They’re a reliable, durable way to mount your brakes. Splines are widely used in aerospace, and have a higher fatigue life and reliability. The interfaces between the splined disc brake and BB spindle are made from aluminum and acetate.
As the splined hub mounts the disc in a helical fashion, the spring wire and disc 2 will be positioned in close contact. As the spring wire contacts the disc, it creates friction forces that are evenly distributed throughout the disc. This allows for a wide range of axial motion. Disc brake mounting interfaces that are helical splined have higher strength and stiffness than their counterparts.
Disc brake mounting interfaces that are helically splined can have a wide range of splined surfaces. The splined surfaces are the most common type of disc brake mounting interfaces. They are typically made of stainless steel or aluminum and can be used for a variety of applications. However, a splined disc mount will not support a disc with an oversized brake caliper.

China Good quality Low/Cheap/Good Price Angular Contact Ball Bearings B7009c 7010c 7010CTA 7010ceta 7010acm B7010c/Ya 7011c 7011CTA 7011ceta 7011AC 7012c 7012CTA 7012ceta 7013c     near me shop China Good quality Low/Cheap/Good Price Angular Contact Ball Bearings B7009c 7010c 7010CTA 7010ceta 7010acm B7010c/Ya 7011c 7011CTA 7011ceta 7011AC 7012c 7012CTA 7012ceta 7013c     near me shop